Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eco-Friendly Options for Building a Green Home

Many people believe that to have a green home, they have to sacrifice their personal taste or style. However, fact of the matter is that with so many environment friendly housing options available, you do not have to compromise with your individual choices, no matter whether you want to build a new house or remodel the existing one. The markets are flooded with a wide array of products, made from recycled materials. These products provide a better alternative to traditional products, because of their several added benefits. For example, polymer and rubber roofs imitate slate roofs, but weigh less and require less maintenance. Besides, counter tops made using recycled concrete and glass also offer an attractive appearance, along with excellent durability.

There is also no dearth in the lumber options, when it comes to building a green home. Wood flooring, cabinetry and doors can add an elegant touch to the house. However, a careful choice is a must. Rather than buying products made from old timber or endangered tropical hard wood, look for the ones made with wood that has been grown in the certified forests. You can even consider purchasing products made from wood, which has been reclaimed or recycled from riverbeds or old buildings.

The variety of green materials, which are available for the outdoor projects, has also grown significantly. For instance, you can buy lumber, which is not treated with arsenic. Such lumber is less toxic and thus, good for both, you as well as the environment. Composite decking or railing made from fiber and resin also makes a wonderful option for people, wishing to support the "green movement". It is not just simple to install but even very simple to maintain the same. Having high efficiency windows in your house would also help you save a lot of energy. Windows with low emissive glazing can substantially reduce your monthly energy costs, for both, cooling and heating your home.

If someone wants to cut back your everyday energy usage, then buying appliances with energy star ratings would be a great idea. Energy star labeled dishwashers and washing machines can help you considerably decrease water wastage. Installing low flow toilets is another way to reduce wastage of water. Photo-voltaic panels are quite popular, when it comes to saving energy. These panels are designed to generate energy from sun for heating the house during winters. Installation of photo-voltaic panels can also provide you with tax credits, rebates from the utility company and many other perks by the government.

This clearly shows that there is no shortage of green options for people, who want to build a new home or remodel their current house. By thoroughly exploring the options, you can surely enjoy superb results. If you cannot manage to make the green changes on your own, then there are many professional interior designers, architects, builders and contractors out there, who can brilliantly assist you with how to go about building a green home, using a variety of eco-friendly options.

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